Hello everyone! Today we are happy to be a part of the blog tour for Proxy by Alex London. Here to talk about the characters and relationships in this book, particularly the relationship between main characters Knox and Syd, please give it up for Alex Landon!

About The Book


The adventure novel of the year! Inspired by The Whipping Boy and Feed, this adrenaline-fueled thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games for its razor-sharp insights into the nature of human survival and its clever writing.

Knox was born into one of the City’s wealthiest families. A Patron, he has everything a boy could possibly want—the latest tech, the coolest clothes, and a Proxy to take all his punishments. When Knox breaks a vase, Syd is beaten. When Knox plays a practical joke, Syd is forced to haul rocks. And when Knox crashes a car, killing one of his friends, Syd is branded and sentenced to death.

Syd is a Proxy. His life is not his own.

Then again, neither is Knox’s. Knox and Syd have more in common than either would guess. So when Knox and Syd realize that the only way to beat the system is to save each other, they flee. Yet Knox’s father is no ordinary Patron, and Syd is no ordinary Proxy. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test both boys’ resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay. Some debts, it turns out, cannot be repaid.

A fast-paced, thrill-ride of novel full of non-stop action, heart-hammering suspense and true friendship—just as moving as it is exhilarating. Fans of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series, James Dashner’s Maze Runner, Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking series, and Marie Lu’s Legend will be swept away by this story.

You can find out more about Proxy on the Penguin Teen Tumblr and on GoodReads.

The Excerpt

“ When Knox came back into the alley, Syd stood from behind the generator.

‘You’re back,’ he said.

Knox smirked. ‘You thought I’d ditch you, just like that?’

Syd didn’t answer. He’d had exactly that thought.

Knox had seen that look Syd was giving him a thousand times on holos over the year, like Syd thought he was better than everyone else just because he suffuered. His arrogance was probably hiding some deeper issue, like he wet the bed or something.

Whatever, thought Knox, he didn’t need to analyze his proxy.”

– page 129, PROXY

Alex Landon on the relationship between Knox and Syd:

In the world of Proxy, Knox and Syd are never supposed to meet. Knox is a patron-the son of one of the most powerful men in the Mountain City. He lives a life of unquestioning wealth and privilege. He has the best technology, the best clothes, the best education that money can buy. He takes it all for granted. Syd has nothing but debt. He doesn’t even know his own name—Syd was a name assigned to him when he arrived at an orphanage. And to pay off his debt, Syd is a Proxy, taking the punishments whenever Knox does something wrong, which is often!

He isn’t meant to know who Knox is, even though Knox is compelled to watch Syd suffer every time he messes up. It’s meant to teach Knox empathy. It has the opposite effect.

All Syd wants is freedom. When one of Knox’s escapades goes too far, Syd breaks free. The two get caught up in a conspiracy and are going to need each other to survive…but first they have to survive each other. Needless to say, it’s not easy for the two of them to get along. They don’t understand the lives the other one leads and they have trouble seeing each other as real people, whose perspectives and priorities could possibly make sense, let alone be as important as their own. They are both consumed by their assumptions about each other.

Syd’s sexuality also plays a small (and occasionally funny) role in the tension between them. Knox considers himself quite the ladies man and doesn’t really know how to deal with a guy who is attracted to other guys. He has trouble imagining that Syd wouldn’t want to jump his bones. Syd has no interest in it. He’s running for his life and a roll in the hay is the last thing on his mind. That aspect of their relationship is based, a little bit, on my own relationship with my straight best friend in high school. Our difference wasn’t a deal breaker in our friendship, but it was always present, whether in the occasional joke or the uncomfortable misunderstanding that happens when you’re figuring out how to deal with yourself at the same time you’re figuring out how to deal with other people. For Syd and Knox, I took all that high school tension and added deadly robots, ruthless killers, an army of genetically engineered soldiers and a world-shaking revolution. But in spite of all those elements, all that action and suspense, Proxy, is at its heart a story about friendship, brotherhood, and forgiveness.

About The Author:

Alex London

Alex London writes book for adults, children and teens. At one time a journalist who traveled the world reporting from conflict zones and refugee camps, he now is a full time novelist living in Brooklyn.

You can find Alex London on twitter (@ca_london) and his website.

Find the next stop on the Proxy blog tour on Charlotte’s Library tomorrow!


The Giveaway

We have ONE copy of Proxy up for grabs! The contest is open internationally and will run until Sunday June 30 at 12:01am EST. To enter, use the form below. Good luck!

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51 Responses to Proxy Blog Tour & Giveaway

  1. Bird & Bambi says:

    Whats your opinion on e-books vs. books?!
    We would love to hear from you!

    Check it out
    Love from Germany

  2. Megan C says:

    Not too sure about the cover but the book itself sounds like it could be really cool. Count me in!

  3. Megan C says:

    Er, whoops, and to answer the rolfcopter question my favourite sff book so far this year has to be the Ocean at the end of the Lane!

  4. Lexi says:

    Also, a Gaiman (inspired) book here, I just finished Silver Dream, which is what first comes to mind.

  5. Mary Anne says:

    I really liked most of Andrea Host’s “Hunting” – till it was almost done, and then it came off a little too happily ever after. And I just found Ben Aaronovitch this year, so does that count?

    When Lindsay Buroker finishes the seconf part of her conclusion to the Emperor’s Edge series, I think it will rank among my favorites.

  6. Andrea Chettle says:

    My favourite SFF book of the year is The City’s Son by Tom Pollock I really like fantasy books set around/in London and this is the best I’ve read I cannot wait for book two The Glass Republic

    Great give away! Thanks

  7. Leanne Maala says:

    I really liked Of Silver and Beasts by Trisha Wolfe! It was so original and the world building was superb.

  8. Lillian says:

    I think my favorite SFF novel of 2013 is UnWholly by Neal Shusterman. A great follow-up to UnWind.

  9. Lozza says:

    I just discovered Nalini Singh this year, and really loved her latest Heart of Obsidian. It’s probably more PNR than SFF, but the in addition to the romance, I love the worldbuilding and the arcs that she carries over the entire series.

  10. Elizabeth Bevins says:

    I’m reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane now. I’ve loved all of the Wool books by Hugh Howey too!

  11. When I wrote about this book’s release last week I knew it was a special book. The concept combines the customs of dystopian sci-fi with an unconventional romance (at least that’s what I’ve been told?)

  12. Rebecca I says:

    I would pick For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund. Just finished it and I was surprised by how much I really loved it! Elliot made for a really great protagonist.

  13. Courtney Renee says:

    The Program by: Suzanne Young

  14. superbwg says:

    I’m a little behind on the newer books, but I recently finished And All the Stars by Andrea Horst and LOVED IT! This book sounds pretty awesome.

  15. LeAnn says:

    So far I’d say my favorite SFF of 2013 is The Cydonian Pyramid by Pete Hautman. I loved the first book, The Obsidian Blade, and this follow-up was great to get the perspective from another character.

  16. Marie Chettle says:

    Written in Blood by Anne Bishop (Urban Fantasy). I’m looking forward to Blood Song by Anthony Ryan next week too.

  17. Emily says:

    Wow, awesome premise: I’d really like to read this! Instead of the typical romance, we have kind of a brotherhood here. I like that!

  18. Jill the OWL says:

    Hmmmmmmm I’m not sure! I haven’t read many but I’ll go with The Program also.

  19. Rachel Gledhill says:

    This looks excellent.

  20. Rachel Gledhill says:

    Definitely Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta. It’s the third (and final) book in the Lumatere Chronicles, and while I was a little lukewarm about the Finnikin of the Rock, this one and Froi of the Exiles are among my favorite books ever. Her characters are so layered and deep, and you really care for them.

  21. Elisabeth says:

    I really enjoyed The City’s Son!

  22. Sarah says:

    Proxy is definitely one of my favourite books of 2013 so far – and I really loved the two main characters, so it was great to get some insight into them here – thanks!

  23. Bethany says:

    5th Wave by Rick Yancey

  24. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I love Resilient.

  25. Llehn says:


  26. erinf1 says:

    I’d have to say my fav for 2013 would have to be Trapped by Kevin Hearne :)

  27. Dovile says:

    Origin by Jessica Khoury

  28. Mieneke says:

    My favourite SFF read so far this year would have to be a tie between Emma Newman’s Any Other Name, which just gave me happy feels, and Al Ewing’s The Fictional Man, which was quite frankly amazingly layered and far deeper than I expected.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The 5th wave by Rick Yancey

  30. Chenise J. says:

    I really enjoyed Scarlet by Marissa Meyer!

  31. Amanda says:

    Psyched about this book. As for my favourite so far of 2013… hrm. I’m still all about Ready Player One. Hopefully this will be the best of 2013.

  32. Becky C. says:

    What’s left of Me by Kat Zhang

  33. Hannah H says:

    This has kind of been a lackluster year for me. I am very much looking forward to reading the Ocean at the end of the Lane. I liked Unspoken quite a bit and I just finished the Avery Cates series, which I enjoyed, but I’m having trouble finding anything with a “wow” factor. I’ll get there- maybe Proxy will break me out of my slump ;)

  34. Hebe says:

    The only vaguely sci-fi novel I’ve read that was published this year is Terry Pratchett’s new Science of Discworld. I didn’t like it that much, though. Can I count The Hunger Games, since I read that this year?

  35. JenP says:

    I love Beth Revis’ Across the Universe trilogy.

  36. Mary Preston says:

    I don’t know that I do have an absolute favorite.

  37. I’m not sure if it counts as SFF but my favourite so far this year is Fuse by Julianna Baggott, excellent sequel.

  38. Alison C says:

    A Memory of Light has been my favorite so far. But I can’t wait to read Cold Steel by Kate Elliott, I just need to finish my reread of the first 2 books of the trilogy.

  39. Jasmine S says:

    Most of my reading so far this year has been from books published BEFORE 2013, but my favourite book from this year would be on my faves anyways. It’s the third book in Stephanie Burgis’s MG Kat, Incorrigible series, Stolen Magic, and it’s wonderful.

  40. Allison says:

    oooo, it’s gotta be Ocean at the End of the Lane

  41. ARCLIGHT by Josin McQuein. I loved it.

  42. Tiffany Drew says:

    Does The Eternity Cure count? I absolutely LOVED that book!

  43. K says:

    The cover isn’t my favorite either, but the book sounds wonderful!

  44. Kate & Zena says:

    I’m a little behind on the newer books, but I really liked For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund. So beautiful!

  45. Justine says:

    I’m hoping it will be Lexicon by Max Barry.

  46. Kristin says:

    I’m a little behind on my reading, but eagerly anticipate Ocean at the End of the Lane

  47. Erika says:

    I’m reading The Fifth Wave and so far it is creepy and funny too! Love it!

  48. Nice and wonderful book. cover is also amazing thanks for sharing

  49. papa vpn says:

    Thanks for this post.

  50. Patty wright says:

    Darn I missed the drawing

  51. Xuxor says:

    The Fifth Wave is so cool. I can’t wait to finish it.

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